Goals for the New Year


Live with fierce intentionality instead of timid uncertainty in 2012

What are your 10 goals for 2012?
Create two goals under each of the categories below that you would like to achieve in 2012. While you are thinking about these, ask yourself how you might live with fierce intentionality in each goal you create. Once you create your goals, you can write them down and keep them for your own review and inspiration, or you can submit your goals anonymously through the form below.

Either way, don’t make this another New Year’s resolution that simply fades after a few weeks but instead live 2012 with a fierce intentionality of creating good goals and then allow God to help you fulfill those goals.

Dream big.
Be inspired.
Live with fierce intentionality.


– Professional

– Relational

– Spiritual

– Financial


Helpful Links:

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Why Set Goals? by David Beavers

Success is not an Accident
by Tommy Newberry

Fathered by God by John Eldredge

Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge

What are some of your goals?  

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