Learn more about Bible Studies and Sunday Morning Classes at West End Community Church below.



Wednesday Bible Study concluded for the semester on March 14. Sign up below to receive email announcements about when the class will resume, when childcare registration opens, etc. 


SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES (SMCs) are gatherings of people seeking to connect with one another weekly around time in the Word on Sunday mornings. Adult SMCs meet on the 3rd floor of the Discipleship Center. Any and all are welcome to join an ongoing class at any point. No registration is required to attend. Stop by the Info Desk at West End if you'd like more details.

The Gospel of Luke | led by Michael Armentrout and Scott Sims | Room 348

Luke, the author of the Gospel and Acts, is trying to accomplish something much different from other gospel writers. Not merely trying to persuade his reader about some individual aspect of the life or person of Jesus, Luke presents a whole history, the story of salvation starting from just before John the Baptist's birth. Join us this fall as we explore the ways that Luke shows us God’s rule over history, the role of Jesus in our salvation, and the new community he gathers in the Holy Spirit. Seeing Jesus through the eyes of Luke will help us explore what it means to be part of God's story ourselves. 


Colossians | led by Jon Young | Room 346

The people of Colossae lived with a lot of question marks. Can you relate? In his letter to this first-century church, the apostle Paul offered all kinds of counsel regarding social, political, cultural, economic, and religious matters. But more compelling than his counsel is how he traces the solution of every problem to one source: the riches that believers have in Christ. There’s so much more to knowing, loving, and enjoying Jesus than most of us experience. If you merely want your head filled with truth about God, this may not be the class for you. But if you want your heart warmed by the truth of God... if you want Jesus to be more beautiful and more believable... then please join us as we seek to mine the depths of the riches of the love of Christ as displayed in Paul’s letter to the Colossians.