Place:  Charlotte Corridor (Sylvan Park/Heights)

Did You Know? – Roughly 1/3 of people living in this area have no church involvement at all and another 1/3 categorized themselves as nominally involved. 

Have You Seen? – Up and down Charlotte Avenue huge apartment and condo units are being or have been built to accommodate the explosive growth.

Have You Heard? – There are plans in place for unprecedented commercial development, not only in The Nations down 51st Ave, but also for many if not most of the old factories and lumber yards up and down Charlotte near Sylvan Park and Sylvan Heights. 

We truly want to be a church that labors for Gospel hope and the tangible common good of this neighborhood.  As we continue to ask about the needs and dreams of this community, we hear themes that get us really excited… themes like:

  • racial and socio-economic reconciliation
  • bringing together of “new” and “old” Nashville
  • fostering of true community
  • desire for spiritual growth and development

Join us in praying for this neighborhood and for the provision of the perfect location for us to launch a church this year!  For up-to-date information for this district, sign up for District 24 newsletter here