discipleship [n]: being equipped to follow Jesus in every area of our lives; growing more like Jesus Christ as we experience Jesus personally and intimately through prayer and God's word.

At West End Community Church we are committed to what has been termed life-on-life missional discipleship. Life-on-life means our discipleship normally happens in the context of relationships, such as a small group of men with men or women with women. Missional means we believe spiritual growth naturally results in action as we join Christ and his people on mission in the world.  

We use three broad categories to describe areas of spiritual growth for Christians: head, heart, and hand. We believe all believers should grow in maturity in all three categories, but focusing on one area can also be a helpful practice.


HEAD  |  know and share Jesus

Am I confident in the good news of Jesus & what it means for both me and those around me?
Do I know how to study God's word?

If you are looking for a small group focused on equipping believers in their overall walk with Jesus, discipleship groups can be powerful foundation or a way to gain confidence to engage others with the good news of Jesus. 

HEART  |  give life & love in relationships

Can I really experience sustained life-change?
How do I apply the truth of the Gospel in my everyday life & relationships?

Many who have heard the truth of the Gospel still find it so difficult to apply that truth in every–day life and relationship. The Battle for the Heart process works because instead of more goal-setting and trying harder, you discover how to dig down to the heart issues that impact every relationship.

HAND  |  bring the Gospel to bear on all of life

Can I really make a difference in this world?
How can God use me to bring real change to an area of brokenness in my neighborhood, workplace, or city?

Yes, you can make a difference in this world! However, many of us find that while we know we can and should, we don’t feel as if we are truly making a difference where we live, work, or play. We want to equip you to integrate your faith and work.

Outside of this framework we offer other opportunities each year to learn and grow through Bible Studies and Sunday Morning Classes, events, retreats and seminars. Some offerings are just for women, others are just for men, and some are for all adults. Beyond what we offer as a church, we are also committed to partnering with other ministries and organizations that facilitate discipleship in our community like Covenant Seminary's Nashville campus and Landmark Journey Ministries