Charis Ministries food drive

Change your world: start with a can of stew.

During the next four months, there are people in Nashville who will need your help. 

They will need food.
They will need the Gospel.
They will need prayer and an encouraging visit.
They will need to know of a Kingdom that acts on compassion.

Every week, families in our community will run short of food. If a food bank is out of reach, it’s likely they’ll miss out on meals. Charis Ministries will respond with a generous supply of basic food items, along with a Bible. Volunteers from West End Community and other churches will visit people in their homes, bringing food, fellowship, and prayers.

Please help these families in a tangible way by purchasing the specific food items listed and bringing them to church by Saturday, April 20.

Shopping list

Saltine Crackers  (one 16 oz. box) 
Oatmeal  (one 42 oz. canister)  
Peanut Butter  (one jar, 18 to 28 oz.)
Tuna  (four 7.25 oz. cans) 
Vegetables  (standard, 16 oz. cans) 
       green beans (two cans) 
       green peas (one can)
       corn (two cans)
       baked beans or starchy beans (two cans)  
Fruit  (two cans, 15 to 30 oz.)
Rice  (one bag, 2 to 3 lbs.)
Dried Beans  (one 1 lb. bag)
Spaghetti Sauce  (one 28 oz. container) 
Pasta  (32-48 oz. total)  
Spaghetti-O’s  (two 16 oz. cans)  
Mac & Cheese  (four boxes)
Canned Soup
       condensed (four 10.75 oz cans) 
       ready-to-eat (one 20 oz. can)
Canned Meat (one item)