We are intentional in creating a fun and inviting environment for our 5th and 6th graders on Sunday morning. They have a time for social interaction, a time for teaching the truth found in God's Word, and a time to divide into small groups to delve into how to apply the truth to their lives. Our desire is to have a safe atmosphere where kids can ask the hard questions as they discover their faith and make it their own.

Jan Dale, Elementary Coordinator

Our desired outcome for your student is:

  • grow in their relationship with Jesus

  • have time with God everyday

  • will be comfortable to pray out loud

  • know they are loved and nurtured

  • have fun with friends at church

  • know what they believe and demonstrate attitudes and actions that reflect Jesus’ love

Fusion is available for second service on Sunday mornings. Fusion opens 15 minutes prior (at 10:15 a.m.) and stays open 15 minutes after scheduled ending time unless otherwise noted.



Visitors are welcome to check in at the Elementary desk located on the first floor. You and your child will receive security badges and be escorted to your child’s classroom.


Each week your child will experience the following:

  • a time to meet together for fellowship, snacks and games

  • a chronological, Christ-centered Bible lesson in large group that examines how all scripture gives testimony to Jesus

  • dividing into discipleship groups for application and prayer time by gender

Membership Class

Each September a Children's Membership Class is offered for students 2nd grade and older whose parents are members of WECC. This is a four-week class that takes place during the 9:00 a.m. worship service. 

Purpose for this class:

  • for students who have trusted Christ as their Savior to be able to share their story with an elder (parents will be present too).

  • understand what it means to take part in the sacraments (baptism and communion).

  • gain a better understanding of being sinful and how to follow Jesus.

To participate in the class, sign up by emailing Judy Dorris at judy@westendcc.org.

Service Opportunities

  • Collecting supplies for Siloam Clinic

  • Charis Food Delivery

  • Hope for Christmas

  • Backpacks for McKissack Middle School

Jr. Helper Opportunities

During first service a 5th or 6th grade student can serve as a Jr. Helper in the preschool classrooms.  A student must complete an application and be trained by the preschool coordinator before they can serve in classrooms.  You can pick up an application at the elementary desk from Judy Dorris or email Judy at Judy@westendcc.org.



Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student gets sick or needs me while in class?

  • Put your cell phone on vibrate

  • Carry it with you while in the church

  • We will text you if a need arises — otherwise we have no way to contact you

How do I register to be on the Student’s Roster?

Go to the Elementary Desk and complete the Family Registration Form.

Can I sit in on any part of the Children’s Ministry?

Yes! We invite parents to observe in the classroom at any time after you have picked up a parent nametag at the Elementary Desk.

How can I volunteer in Elementary?

Contact Judy Dorris, Children's Ministry Coordinator, at Judy@westendcc.org