HAND - bring the Gospel to bear on all of life

The average American spends at least 80,000 hours at work during his or her lifetime. How should our faith in Christ affect these hours? How should being a follower of Jesus affect the way we relate to and shape culture? How should faith in Christ affect the way we eat, educate, buy and build homes, create and consume art and entertainment, spend and save money, give and receive healthcare? The New Testament makes it clear that the redemption Jesus purchased on the Cross is aimed at ALL of creation! 


Called: God's Design for Your Work

In the summer of 2017, West End had an extended sermon series on work. You can watch the first sermon below and find others on our vimeo page



The Nashville Institute for Faith & Work

We are proud to support the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work, which offers forums, lunches, seminars and longer programs to help people in our city integrate their faith and work. Check out their website for current offerings. 


Gotham Fellowship

We are currently recruiting members from WECC to join the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work in a 10-month program called The Gotham Fellowship. Gotham provides the theological, spiritual, and relational foundations required for meaningful and sustainable integration of faith and work.