Jr Hi Winter Camp 2018 4x4 (date).jpg

When: January 18–20

Where: Barefoot Republic Camp, 8824 Brownsford Rd, Fountain Run, KY  (Departing from and returning to Covenant Pres!) 

Cost: $135 per student

Tentative Schedule 


6:30pm:  Students arrive at Covenant | 33 Burton Hills Blvd
7:00pm:  Board buses
9:00pm:  Arrive at Barefoot Republic        
9:15pm:  Snack
9:30pm:  Meeting
10:30pm:  Cabin Time
11:30pm:  Lights out


9:00am:  Breakfast
9:30am:  Meeting
10:30am:  Cabin Time
11:00am:  Game
12:30pm:  Lunch
1:30pm:  Free time
6:30pm:  Dinner
8:00pm:  Meeting
9:00pm:  Cabin Time
9:30pm:  Snack
10:00pm:  Blackout
12:00am:  Lights out


9:00am:  Breakfast
9:30am:  Meeting
10:30am:  Clean up/Pack
11:30am:  Depart
1:30pm:  Arrive at Covenant | 33 Burton Hills Blvd, Nashville TN 37215

Packing List

What to bring: 
Bible, journal & pen
sleeping bag (or twin sheets/blanket) & pillow
warm clothes (a pair of old clothes if you want to play paint ball)
money for 1 road meal
optional: flashlight, water bottle, frisbees/etc.
***Please leave ALL electronics at home.***


make sure your parents fill out a release form

YWECC Release Form