WECC Officer Nomination Process

What you should know if you wish to nominate someone to the position of elder or deacon in West End Community Church:

1. Those wishing to make a nomination must be a member of West End Community Church.

2. To Nominate a candidate, follow these steps:

  • CONFIRM that the candidate meets the qualifications for the office as explained here.

  • VERIFY with your candidate that he is a member of West End Community Church.

  • ASK your candidate if he is willing to serve as an officer of the church.

  • IF the answers to the above are YES, you may submit their names on the form below.

3. If you would prefer a paper form, you can pick one up from the Info Desk.

4. Nomination forms should be submitted no later than May 31.

5. If you have any questions, please contact Patrick Kelly at 463-8497 x423.


Online Officer Nomination

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