Order the Story

We’re excited to be giving every household a copy of The Story. Pick yours up on Sunday mornings starting August 11.

Looking for additional copies of The Story or the versions for children and youth? We’ll have them available for purchase at West End on Sunday mornings starting August 18 or you can order them online below. If cost is a barrier to buying a copy to read with younger children, please email lauren.webb@westendcc.org and let us know.


The Story for Little Ones
(for ages 2 and under)
amazon.com | churchsource.com


The Story for Children
(for 3 year olds through Kindergarten)
amazon.com | churchsource.com


The Story for Kids
(for elementary schoolers)
amazon.com | churchsource.com


The Story Student Edition
(for middle and high school students)
amazon.com | churchsource.com


The Story Study Guide

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