Security Procedures

Our security policies and procedures are specifically intended to safeguard our children from all forms of abuse. 

This policy addresses three areas: volunteer screening, reporting procedures and additional safeguards.

The following screening is required of all volunteers and staff serving with minors on a regular basis at West End.

  • Complete application form.
  • Signed authorization for Criminal Background Check.
  • References checked and on file.
  • Has been trained on Children's Ministry procedures.

Reporting Procedures for Volunteers

Immediately report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect of which you have knowledge or observe only to the Children's Ministry Staff.
Keep this confidential.

Additional safeguards are as follows:

  • All volunteers must wear a name tag at all times with children so they can be identified as completing the screening process.
  • Parents must stay in class till volunteer arrives.
  • No one may be alone with a child in class.
  • Male volunteers never accompany girls to the bathroom.
  • Only a female volunteer should enter a bathroom when absolutely necessary to assist a child.
  • To receive a child, the parent must show the parent badge.
  • If parent badge is lost, the parent goes to the nursery or elementary desk to receive a new one.

We wanted to educate you about our procedures and we are being intentional.