SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES are gatherings of people seeking to connect with one another weekly around time in the Word on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Any and all are welcome to join an ongoing class at any point. No registration is required to attend. We are offering two classes this fall:


No Easy Answers | Wende Stambaugh Fry & Craig Fry | Room 346

Where is God when we encounter life’s emotional storms? Can the Bible offer hope when circumstances lead to uncertainty or worry? How do we deal with resentment, anger, loneliness, or fear? This class will approach these questions with honesty and a hope-filled view of Scripture. We believe God will meet us at our point of need and His Word will guide us as we explore these questions together.


God’s Story: Your Story | Bill Delvaux & Dave Schroeder | Room 348

Find your place in God’s Story as we walk through Jesus’s Story in the book of Mark. This class will examine 12 stories from the Gospel of Mark, each story centered on a different theme. We will take that theme and then develop it in the context of our own stories. Along the way, there will be movie clips, rousing discussion, and silence with the Lord.