SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES (SMCs) are gatherings of people seeking to connect with one another weekly around time in the Word on Sunday mornings. Adult SMCs meet on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Discipleship Center. Any and all are welcome to join an ongoing class at any point. No registration is required to attend. Stop by the Info Desk at West End if you'd like more details.


Basics of the Faith | led by Greg Davis | Room 346

Basics of the Faith will explore the core beliefs of our Christian faith & practice. Every week, we will address a different core belief of our faith, learn its implications and discover ways our lives and choices should be shaped as a result. We will address questions like What Is Grace? How Do Our Children Come to Faith? Why Do We Pray? and What is Vocation? Led by a collective team of WECC members, come and connect with one another while being strengthened to grow in the Basics of the Faith.


Freedom in Christ | led by Jack Foster | Room 440

Freedom in Christ is a study through the book of Galatians. The Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians helps us to understand and apply the message of the Gospel in the face of contemporary challenges to our faith. We will be discussing living in the truth of the Gospel in our daily lives and how the gospel of grace leads to true freedom and godly living.


Renegade Reformers | led by Michael Armentrout & Dave Schroeder | Room 348

Continuing a study of church history, Renegade Reformers offers more than just the facts, but a deeper devotional understanding of the theology of the Reformation. West End Community Church does not exist in a vacuum but follows a long tradition which can be seen in the work of the faithful men and women God raised up to keep the faith. Please join us as we embark together on a deeper understanding of modern church history from Martin Luther to Billy Graham and from Sola Scriptura to American Evangelicalism.