SUNDAY MORNING CLASSES (SMCs) are gatherings of people seeking to connect with one another weekly around time in the Word on Sunday mornings. Adult SMCs meet on the 3rd floor of the Discipleship Center. Any and all are welcome to join an ongoing class at any point. No registration is required to attend. Stop by the Info Desk at West End if you'd like more details.


Heretics & Holiness | led by Michael Armentrout & Dave Schroeder | Room 348

Join us as we enter the story of the Church and see the Church in its bright moments of glory, its dark valleys of shame, its times of compassionate ministry and its periods of corruption. As we celebrate twenty years of ministry at West End, join us as we look further back at the turning points of the historic Church to understand how we got from the New Testament to today.  By testing the various beliefs and practices of the Church against scripture, by learning from both its triumphs and failures, by avoiding its pitfalls, and by celebrating its times of faithful service our hope is that you will experience the Christian faith and life more fully.


What’s the Point? A Study of Ecclesiastes | led by Greg Davis | Room 346

What’s the point of life in a broken world? Since the time of Ecclesiastes, people have tried everything under the sun to find meaning. This Old Testament book deals with life’s biggest questions and examines where life without God ultimately leads. Solomon’s teachings ring louder than ever for us in a time where answers seem less sure. Join us as we look to Ecclesiastes to find wisdom about our purpose and a reminder of how the gospel transforms all of life.


When Faith Meets Life: A Study on James | led by Jack Foster | Room 440

What does glorifying God and enjoying him forever look like in our daily lives? If everything we do has eternal consequences, how significant are our choices and actions? This letter to some of the earliest Christians can make simple for us what appears complicated. Join us as we discover how to move toward who God intended us to be through studying the book of James.