In the Sprouts division of Children’s Ministry at WECC we place a high value on the privilege of caring for your children each week.  We want your child’s earliest memories and experiences of church to be filled with love and shrouded in a secure environment.  Our area is staffed by experienced, consistent care givers who build relationships with your children and establish a sense of calm comfort in each room.  As the nursery coordinator, I am always available to you for tours of our area or to answer any questions you might have. I am excited to partner with you to begin the process of planting seeds of faith and trust in your children from the earliest age.


Amber Knuckles


Our desired outcome for your child is:

  • A desire to come to church

  • To feel loved and nurtured

  • To experience God’s love thru the caregivers

You can contact Amber Knuckles, Nursery Coordinator at


Nursery Hours
Sprouts care is available for both services on Sunday mornings. The nursery opens 15 minutes prior to scheduled events and stays open 15 minutes after scheduled ending time unless otherwise noted.



1st Service
2nd Service
Special Events


To be announced by reservation

Nursing Mothers
The nursing room is located in room 253 in the nursery hallway.  For your convenience, changing station, nursing pillows and access to the worship via TV are available.

Visitors are welcome to check in at the Sprouts front desk located on the same level as the worship center. You and your child will receive security badges and be escorted to your child’s classroom.

Infant Baptism
Infant Baptism is a sign of God's covenant and is properly administered to children of believers in their infancy. One parent MUST be an official member of WECC.

Email for more information.

What is parent rotation?
To help with the blessing of so many babies at WECC, we ask our regular attending parents to serve once every nine weeks in the nursery. Each classroom has one consistent paid caregiver and a parent volunteer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring in my child's bag?

  • Please bring a sufficient supply of  bottles, diapers, and extra clothing.

  • All bottles, pacifiers, loveys, or blankets should be labeled.

What if my child needs feeding while in the Nursery?

  • We will feed bottles that are pre-mixed by parents.

  • We do not feed baby food and ask that meals are fed outside the Nursery area.

  • We serve Cheerios or goldfish and lemonade as a snack.

  • The nursing room is located in room #253 in the Nursery hallway.

Who will be allowed to pick up my child?

  • We ask that only adults pick up children using our Parent Badge system.

What will my child do while at Sunday School?

  • Toddlers and Twos will hear a Bible study, learn a memory verse, and complete a coloring sheet on a lesson designed to engage them with basic Biblical knowledge.

  • Younger babies will experience play time, music, snack time and interactions with consistent, loving staff.

What if my child gets sick or needs me while in the Nursery?

  • Put your cell phone on vibrate

  • Carry it with you while in the church

  • We will primarily contact you via text but, if need arises we will post on screens in sanctuary to notify you.

How do I register to be on the Nursery Roster?

  • Go to the Nursery Desk and complete the Family Registration Form.

How can I volunteer in the Nursery?

  • Once you have registered your Sprout age children, you will be added to a quarterly parent rotation. You will serve approximately once every 9 weeks. Each classroom has at least one consistent paid caregiver and parent volunteer. Additional information including directions and quarterly schedules will be distributed to you.