Chapter 4: Moses

Bible Basis
Exodus 1—16:15

Key Verse
Moses answered the people. He said, “Don't be afraid. Stand firm. You will see how the Lord will save you today.” —Exodus 14:13, NIRV
Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.” —Exodus 14:13, NIV

Family Discussion Questions for Preschool & Elementary

God provided for Moses through his entire life, and He provides for our family today. Share a story of God’s provision in your life and then ask:

• What does the word “provide” mean? Why do people provide for others?

• How did God care for Moses when he was a baby?

• How did God provide for Moses when he was asking Pharaoh to let the Israelite people go? (He protected Moses and gave him his brother Aaron to speak.)

• How did God provide for the Israelites when they left Egypt? (Guiding them with a pillar of fire or cloud; parting the Red Sea; manna in the morning.)

• How does God provide for you?

Family Discussion Questions for Middle & High School Students

Share a story where God was working in your life or trying to get your attention, but you didn’t see it until later. Ask:

• Why do you think people stubbornly refuse to see God when He makes himself known in creation and everyday circumstances?

• What sorts of things do you or your friends (or other people you see) turn to in order to provide for themselves? Do we see this with Pharaoh?

• Where has God shown up for you or in the life of your family in surprising ways?

• What can you hold on to when you’re waiting for God to provide? What did God’s people do?

Family Activity Option

FOR YOUNGER CHILDREN: Tell your family that you’re going to play a game of “Reverse Hide and Seek.” Instead of one person counting and everybody hiding, the person holding a flashlight will hide and everybody else will count. Have a parent hide first. After everybody counts to 20, let them search for the person hiding. Once that person is found, let him hide again. This time after everybody has counted, wait a couple minutes and then turn on the flashlight before anybody finds you. Let other family members take turns hiding.

FOR OLDER CHILDREN: Play a game of flashlight tag or reverse hide-and-seek outside in the dark.


• What was it like being alone in the dark?

• Do you ever feel lost in the dark when it comes to God, your faith, or your circumstances?

• How does God lead us today?  

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