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Nearly one in six people in Nashville live in poverty, amidst the lowest minimum wage in country. Even people working full time can't rise above the poverty line. Out of our desire to love our neighbors in a sustained and transforming way, West End Community Church launched UpRise Nashville, a one-year career development program that connects unemployed and under-employed individuals in our city with training, education and mentorships that result in a career path with the ability to earn $14 or more per hour. We call our students "leaders," because they lead their own path to financial self-sufficiency. 

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    There are multiple ways for people in our church and our community to get involved in this exciting program:

    • Be an Ally (walk alongside and encourage a Leader)
    • Help with Job or Life Skill Training
    • Make your business your mission field by hiring a Leader
    • Provide in-kind services (printing, design, photography, etc.)

    If you'd like to learn more about UpRise Nashville or express your desire to get involved, please visit the UpRise website.

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