Amazing Grace

I was born and raised into a Jewish family. My family would talk the talk but wouldn't walk the walk. I was told do observe Jewish customs because that's what we did, but never told "why". As I matured and married and later divorced, I began to question my faith and began going to other houses of worship. There seemed to be a gaping hole in my heart. Then I met Carter Crenshaw....What a blessing! We talked and walked. Through Carter's guidance, I began to see my faith take a different path. I brought Jesus into my life...that gaping hole began closing. The more I read, talked, learned to pray, learned to open my heart, developed Grace and peace and love in a more faith filled life style. Three years ago I lay on a gurney waiting for spine surgery...fear gripped my entire being. All of a sudden I looked up and saw Jesus watching over me and he told me to relax, he would guide the surgeon's hands and the surgery would be fine and I would be rid of pain. That was the moment I realized I was a true believer! Christ is truly my savior now and forever.

Now I see that I am a messenger of his word. By going through a complete faith journey..not giving up my previous faith, but adding to it I can see the Big Picture. I love sharing my journey as I am sure there are others who have wrestled with their beliefs. I have found a wonderful way to serve by being a member of Transformation Station. I am a very joyful, outgoing personality and love to share my love of God with everyone I meet...especially being "Amazing Grace".

Sandra Edwards