Backpacks for my birthday

A wonderful story from Katherine McMullan. 

When we were planning my 9th birthday party, my mom and dad called me over. They asked if I wanted to do back-packs for the church instead of presents.

I have always loved doing it, so I said yes.

I haven’t seen the backpacks put together yet but I can’t wait till the McKissack kids get their new school supplies.

If I were at McKissack, I would love opening school supplies. It would make me feel special and loved. I think that God wants us to help other people who need love. My friends were really excited about bringing school supplies to help people in need.

It made me feel like I had done something good for Him.

McKissack Middle School is a WECC partner school. They are less than 3 miles away from WECC & we have ongoing needs and ways to serve. To learn more about how you can be involved with McKissack, email Michael.