A lake, a dock and a commitment.

I've been spending several weeks in Virginia at my parents lake house. It is a stunning lake surrounded by the blue ridge mountains. On June 20th I sat on the dock reading to my two boys from their "Bible book".

We got to a part in the story about sinners, so I stopped to explain what that means. We've had this conversation several times, but somehow something clicked on this day. When I asked Harrison if he wanted to ask God to forgive his sins and thank Jesus for paying the consequence for our sins, he said YES!

Getting to lead my son in a prayer of salvation, in one of my most favorite places, was a completely surreal experience

A day that I have prayed for since before he was born. We had a difficult time getting pregnant, so this child was prayed for A LOT even before he was conceived. It has been a joy to invite those who have prayed for him to write him a letter of encouragement and a favorite scripture.

Each time he gets a letter he is SO excited and he is collecting them in a treasure box. The treasure box is particularly fitting after his experience at Summer Jam. Something about the treasure theme really clicked with him and I think had so much to do with preparing his heart to accept Jesus. I am so thankful we belong to a church that will nurture Harrison's sweet faith and I can't wait to watch him hug his Sunday school teachers and tell them about his decision when we get back.

Betty Ashton Mayo