Truly Overwhelmed

Can you remember the last time you were truly overwhelmed… not with stress and worry, but with joy and hope? It’s a no-brainer for me—a memory that will be difficult to top. My position as Teacher in Residence for West End CC affords me, and Darlene, many wonderful opportunities to be sent out from our church as servants of the gospel. May 21-June 4 I had the great privilege of being the guest preacher for the every-three-year global gathering of the mission’s agency, Serge—formerly known as World Harvest Mission. One of our own members, Alyssa Pfister, serves with Serge in Burundi, Africa, as a medical missionary.

     Jack Miller, my spiritual father, founded WHM 25 years ago. No one taught me more about the truth and grace of the gospel than Jack; no one, I’ve known, more joyfully and radically lived out the implications of the gospel; and no one would have been more humbled and gladdened by Serge’s growth in recent years than Jack. I don’t know of any other ministry that has a healthier leadership culture, and extended family, than Serge. Their four core values offer a glimpse into the heartbeat of this culture, and the markers of its health.

·      The Centrality of the gospel
·      Ministering from weakness
·      Kingdom-centered prayer
·      People-focused ministry

No one taught me more about the truth and grace of the gospel than Jack

Watch Scotty talk about how Jack Miller impacted him.

Scotty with Rose-Marie Miller.

Scotty with Rose-Marie Miller.

     We met at a beautiful seaside resort, Puerto Antilla, on the Southwest coast of Spain, near the Portugal border. During the first week, 150 of Serge’s leader families, team directors and staff gathered to worship Jesus and soak in the Scriptures, share reports from the field and encourage one another in the gospel. Our number grew to over 500 during the second week, as missionary families and friends arrived from the 16 different countries where Serge is currently serving.

     During each of the two weeks, we gathered right after breakfast, to feast upon the gospel and to sing our praises unto the Lord. Opening the Scriptures for such an amazing community—my tribe, nation, and family, was a humbling and joy-fueling honor. What impacted me the most from our “fortnight” in Spain?

·      Spending unrushed time with good friends and families who sacrifice so much, out of a love for Jesus, to make the gospel beautiful and believable, often in very hostile settings.
·      Witnessing tears of pain and tears of joy pouring from the same eyes, in praise of the God who does all things well, even when he doesn’t do all things easy.
·      Experiencing two hours of prayer seem like fifteen minutes, as we would gather each afternoon to hear team reports and then lay our hands on team members, whisking them to the throne of grace.
·      Enjoying loud laughter, as the joy of the Lord would fill our hearts, during times of play, fellowship, and the sharing of wonderful food.
·      Not just hearing, but seeing the gospel of God’s grace in action, as we worshipped together, were refreshed together, and encouraged one another with the living hope we have in Jesus.

     Many, many thanks to our church family, WECC, for the privilege of representing you, wherever Jesus takes us.

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Scotty Smith