Prepare Your Heart for Worship

Week after week in corporate worship we remember all over again who God is, what Jesus has done, who we are, and what has been done for and to us. Our lives through the week are built on the foundation laid down on the first day of the week. If corporate worship is important, how can we prepare for it each week? It might be as simple as entering the worship space on time, or even arriving a few minutes early to read through the order of worship and time in prayer.

In the days before Sunday, another way might be to read through the next passage in Genesis, becoming familiar with the text before it is preached. (This Sunday's text is Genesis 4:13–26.)

Some have found listening to the Spotify playlist a good way to familiarize themselves with the songs we sing in worship. Taking it one step further, we're posting a youtube video playlist of the songs we're singing in worship in advance of the service. Check this page on Fridays or just hit play above to see this week's songs!

West End Community Church