Flatrock, The Nations & Personal Transformation

Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples of all nations. Reading the Great Commission, it’s easy to think of those serving as missionaries around the world, but as we labor at Flatrock Community Church, I am reminded every day how the nations are coming to Nashville.

The Lord is at work in Woodbine, and we are excited to see the nations gathering around the tables in our homes and the communion table with us in Sunday worship.

Invited by their neighbors, a family with an international background started visiting Flatrock this fall and came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I had the privilege of baptizing this husband and wife as well as their two children and to serve them their first communion. Reading through the gospel of John with fresh eyes with this new friend, teaching him the story of redemption, has been one of the most encouraging things I have experienced in ten years of ministry.

Meeting at our Whitsitt Elementary is a blessing to us, and we want to be a blessing to them as well. Recently, one of the school’s teachers started attending Flatrock. She left her first service in tears, leaving us unsure about whether she was offended or moved by what she had seen and heard. Fortunately, she joined us the following week and shared that she had not attended church since childhood. We are celebrating her courage to visit Flatrock, and her boldness to invite her boyfriend to join her on Sundays as well. The school’s janitor has begun to join us for worship and we are deeply grateful for his presence. Our hope is that these two would be the first of many Whitsitt teachers and staff to worship with us!

These stories of personal transformation make church planting encouraging and we are seeing the Lord add to our flock weekly. We are so thankful for West End's partnership with us and would appreciate your prayers for continued growth, creativity, and wisdom in how we might best serve, love, and reach our neighbors. —J. Hager, Church Planter

West End Community Church