Why Lent?

The death and resurrection of Jesus is undoubtedly central to the gospel, and consequently, Good Friday and Easter are significant celebrations for Christians. In the same way that Advent prepares us to celebrate Christ’s coming at Christmas, Lent (the 40-day season before Easter) prepares us to celebrate Christ’s death and Easter resurrection.

Just as we get ready for big life events like weddings, Lent is a season inviting us to ready our hearts and minds for considering the passion of Christ and celebrating his glorious victory over death. To be clear, observing Lent is not a biblical command but rather a helpful way to mark time—where we can collectively consider our union with Christ and anticipate Easter Sunday.

What does that mean for us? Beginning in March, we will intentionally give more space in our services for reflection. We will sing songs about the death and resurrection of Jesus. We will follow the life of Christ through the gospel of John. And in the end, we will joyously proclaim together: “death has been swallowed up in victory!” (I Cor. 15:54). –Paul Ranheim, Worship Director

West End Community Church