As many of you heard in our worship service, we are looking forward to a new way to celebrate communion together starting this Sunday. This communion format is nothing new to Christianity or even the PCA in Nashville, yet we hope this change enriches our community and our experience of God’s grace.

The Lord’s Supper is a time to commune with God and with one another, and our desire is for the “communing with one another” to be a practical reality as we come to the table. More than this, we are eager to see how the Holy Spirit works as we create more space for prayer and fellowship within our service.

The new communion format will have three parts, all happening simultaneously.

First, we will come forward and, in a family style, gather around tables in groups of 12-15 people. At each table, an elder will share some words of gospel-celebration and serve that group. We will take the elements there as we stand with family and strangers, old and young, rich and poor, with different walks of life and in different stages of our faith. It is a beautiful embodiment of how our union with Christ breaks down divisions and unites us as his bride.

Second, we will have prayer teams made up of elders and members in the back of the worship space so that throughout our celebration of communion, anyone can receive prayer. We believe God actually hears and answers our petitions, and we are excited to create this space for prayer.

Finally, while seated, we will commune with one another, giving time and space to talk and pray with each other. Some may choose to debrief the sermon with a spouse or child, some will use the opportunity to meet someone next to them. Feel free to use the time for quiet reflection or go to encourage a friend. We recognize this will be a little awkward and feel unnatural at first, but so do most good things in life like walking, throwing a ball, or parenting. In time, we will grow into communing together.

You may be thinking that this will take longer, and indeed it will. Yet we think it is time well spent and we pray that it will foster growth in our relationships with God and with one another.

We ask that you join us in praying for our service of worship this week: that the Lord may continue His good work in and through our communing and feasting together.