Coming Soon: The Story

What is The Story?

The Story is a condensed, chronological Bible that we will read together to discover God’s Larger Story throughout history and how to better understand our own stories in light of scripture.

Does The Story include all of the Bible?

Using the text of the NIV translation, The Story is edited to read like a novel, allowing the stories, poems, and teachings of the Bible to come together in a single, compelling narrative. The Story doesn’t include all of the Bible, but it provides a thorough overview.

Who Will Be Doing The Story?

Hopefully, everyone at West End! The Story is a church-wide experience that will unite all ages as we study the Bible together. On Sunday mornings we will use The Story in the worship service, so over the course of 31 weeks we will cover the whole narrative of the Bible. Children’s ministry, youth ministry, community groups and some adult classes will also use The Story, so the whole church will be covering the same stories the same week.

When Will The Story Start?

Carter will begin a preview sermon series in August and we’ll start reading together in early September.

How Do I Get a Copy of The Story?

We’ll have physical books available in August.