When you find yourself or someone you care for in a difficult place, West End’s Care Team is here for you, providing hope, help & healing.

Because we believe the gospel has the power to change everything, we provide Christ-centered comfort and care within a healing community for any member.

Interested in adoption or foster care? Want to support those called to adoption and foster care? Join the Adoption & Foster CARE Community for a informational meeting on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 10:30 a.m. in Room 347.


The Care Team, from left to right, is Jack Foster (Chaplain), Laura Stacy (Connections Coordinator), Diane Bradshaw (Director of Care), & Greg Davis (Pastor of Care.)


We want to hear from you

Jesus told his disciples to love each other, and that their love for one another would be the way the world identifies his followers. We want to know when you are experiencing the hardships and difficulties of life, so that we can care for you as a church community.

Seasons of hardship may be brought on by sickness, grief, addiction, relational concerns, financial difficulties, parenting challenges, employment uncertainties and any number of other hurts, needs and challenges. Our care ministry includes offering support and prayer, as well as addressing practical needs.

When you find yourself in a difficult season, please reach out to our care team. You can reach us via email at, by texting 833.593.2273 or by calling 615.463.8497 (ext. 498 for the care team, ext. 428 for Chaplain Jack Foster.)